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Always never got a return call back. I called a few stores that were mentioned in the forum. The employees were either too busy or unknowledgable to neither confirm or deny its being sold. So since several ops mentioned in the forum its sold there and I cannot find otherwise, lets say yes.

I believe the ops said its sold in cans. Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 would like more info on this. Maybe some pictures if possible of it being sold in the store. CitrusCola, I saw a post from Tacbot. Canning plant code has a YC…. Talked to the plant mgr. They still have a demand in parts of the state. I live in New Jersey and have not been able to find Hires for over 10 years. I remember many lunch counters would feature a large metal container designed to resemble a wooden keg, with Hires in the center.

I guess those were the good old days. None of the root beers on the market today can compare to Hires. Perhaps some local bottler could resurrect the brand with some smart advertising, they may be surprised at the results! I, too, have spent years searching for Hires. And I just found some! But they may need to be fought for. I am so sad to find Hires root beer nowhere, as a child my father brought Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 home for my sister and I. It was a special treat, and I was always excited to see a bottle because my name Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 on it.

My last name is Hires, no relation that I am aware to Charles Hires the inventor. I agree Hires is better than any other root beer that has touched my lips, thus it keeps dying why? Its wrong and it should be more readily available for those of us who would like to drink it!

I do recall that the last time I had some I was still in grade school. Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 annoying is the fact that people have to scramble all over the country to get pop, of all things. I have to travel across state lines to get Mr Pibb in cans. I was under the impression that making money was what they were all about.

Give me a break. Hires is not only the original, but will always be the best…unless some other can match it. Also please post where to get tahitian treat, original and best fruit punch soda ever…shamefull how the top soda makers dictate availability based on what they want despite what is the best product such as hires, barrelhead, tahitian treat…the ones i grew up with and the ones that still to this day has not been beat.

I am glad we still have it in Washington State. Todd, I am in central new york now but was stationed in tacoma wash north-fort lewis in …frequented seattle, mt rainier, yakima, puget sound, etc….

Hires is without a doubt the 1 Root Beer in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you need investors? Power is in people buying what they love. I take no credit for their replies or websites. Would Longview-Kelso have it? The merchandising manager at QFC has submitted an order for it and we are still waiting for Kroger to have it ordered and sent to the store as a special order.

You can buy Hires Rootbeer at walmart. They ship in 2 12 pack cases and if you place an order of 3 meaning 6 12 packs they will ship it to your home for free!

I forgot to add the link http: I just purchased online Walmart. I never thought I would taste it again. I really appreciate the work of people posting here in finding Hires Root Beer at Walmart.

Again, thanks for all the investigative efforts. Im with all of you. Best Root Beer ever made. Hires in a glass bottle cold…is best ever Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 beer which happens to be the original. Barrelhead same way…milder but foamier is Grants nm single sexy women.

Swinging. best ever but not made anymore sadly. Tahitian Treat same way…is best ever fruit soda. Strange how the best tasting drinks are not made available like the lesser tasting drinks are but that is how business can go. Not just with this subject, but any other products out there that have been made or currently make. Like Barrelhead, marathon bar needs to come back. Do what I do…after I drank my 6 pack cans of Hires from walmart.

I am quite familiar with all the comments regarding the Hires Root Beer unavailability in the U. If you look at the availability of Hires it almost non existent. Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 in reality this became the reincarnation of Orange Crush Nationally. From the standpoint of competitive root beers, Hires has the longest History of successful sales of a Root Beer product than all the others.

While I was doing a search to find out where I could try to purchase some Hires Root Beer I came across this site here. I Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 I am in good company with others wanting that product back. It is nice to know there are still a few places left you can get Hires at. Thanks to those who left places here you can order it from. I just ordered 4 boxes from Walmart. I doubt there are any places left in Alaska you can get it from directly.

Stand up for your soda!! Make phone calls ask for store managers, restaurant employees, store clerks spread the word about Hires to everyone.

When Coke was trying to phase out Mello Yello up north aroundthis is what I did. I can not help but to feel a tiny bit responsible for the resurgence of my favorite soda plus the addition of a diet version. Good Luck, long live Hires!!! Hires appeared in Costco stores briefly in as pack Lacey looking for ltr 37 37. It appeared in 7-Eleven in the ml format for a year in ? It seems to sprout up, then vanish. Probably due to a lack of marketing. Whenever I do see it in the stores, I buy a bunch of it and then hand it out to my friends and coworkers.

Its Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 the expressions you get when you offer it to someone who had it as a kid — its like they just rediscovered their favourite childhood toy again.

Pop is dying a slow death unfortunately. Even up here in Canada they are proposing putting graphic warning labels and a tax on soft drinks. They need more natural healthier sodas. Perhaps they can reintroduce Hires with an unprocessed cane sugar version, and the original recipe in a glass bottle. Shoot me an email.

Thanks for this posting, and a Woman fucking in Chandler thank you to Randy for commenting about Walmart. I just put in an order for 4 boxes. Hires is the original, and the best root beer. The extract that you can buy from the website looks intriguing.

Forgot to hit you with the Hires SLC web site — http: Now that I Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 in No. Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 I came across a s Hires cooler shaped like a wooden keg with its logo on it in an antique store. It made me thirsty for Hires again.

I came across this blog during my research and, of course, I checked the Dr. IBC is OK but not in the same league in my opinion.

I did manage to locate it in cans at a few other websites but I would love to locate it in bottles, but have been unsuccessful thus far. Since it was the original this could be a effective marketing tool.

I bought some last week on Amazon after not seeing it for over 7 yrs. I really miss drinking a great product like Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 Root Beer. Our family store carried it for years. Then it was discontinued. A heritage product of quality like this ; which sold quite well ; is a sad thing to cancel. Please bring it back. I too am a great fan of Hires Root beer. I Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 for a company that would fly me all over the lower 48 States. I used this period to try as many root beers as I could find, Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 for a crisp clear taste, I always came back to the root beer of my youth, Hires.

I did find my favorite vanilla ice cream, but like Hires, it was difficult to locate anywhere else. I purchased a dish of vanilla ice cream at a Victoria Station restaurant in Universal Studio and yum, it was what I was looking for, but they did not carry Hires root beer.

So, I never could bring the two best tasting items together for the best root beer float. I should add here, I was once in upstate New York, back in for my company and I found a store that sold Lacey looking for ltr 37 37. I bought 5 six packs and brought 4 six packs home in my expandable briefcase. You should have seen the surprised look that the airport security gave me. They asked me why in Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 world would I be carrying root beer in my briefcase. I Let me hear your rebel mom nude shocked to see it!

It is still the best. Brought back a number of two liter bottles. Lowes is throughout SC and NC. But here in VA I cannot find Hires. Bombard the Dr Pepper Snapple site with emails and they might get the message that there is a demand for Hires. I looked for years and wonder where it went. It is a shame to let that brand of root beer to disappear, it was the best. Back in 87, while pregnant with my daughter, the only thing that quenched my thirst was Diet Hires.

I loved how the smooth vanilla taste predominated; Wet pussy from Gutersloh md unlike the wintergreen flavor of other brands. My daughter is now 25, and pregnant.

She just sent me an e-mail about craving cream soda, so the vanilla taste must be genetically encoded. I did Horny girls in Clifford Chambers wv that Walmart carries it online.

Does anyone have or can anyone find the receipe so I can make some myself? As of June 8,when one goes to the Walmart web site using the link posted above it Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 only available in store and not sold online.

Perhaps we could convince Walmart to purchase the brand and sell it in their stores exclusively as they did with Grapette. I too have sorely missed my favorite rootbeer for years. Best I have ever had by far. Appearently thought I Mature married Bruly-de-pesche be visiting a state noted up above that still sells it.

Is there any truth in this? If so 78611 webcam girl will be hoarding a truck load back to Michigan very soon. You Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 very much correct about Hires. A few years back I lived in Chicago and one supermarket chain sold Hires 12 packs they had about 4 locations Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 were called Treasure Island foods.

There is also a massive supermarket that has several Housewives wants real sex Okolona Arkansas 71962 in Wisconsin it is called Woodmans they sell the product but here is the thing about Hires and all sodas. They are being run by the giant Monsanto so all of it with the possible exception of mexican coke, mexican pepsi mexican sprite, throwback pepsi and sierra mist are genetically Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 and made with high fructose corn syrup.

Back in the day it was made with Cane Sugar. Anyways we should all demand that they get rid of the high fructose corn syrup and all GMO ingredients and make our sodas like they used to be made and yes Adult searching sex North Charleston back Hires nationwide.

FYI Pepsi in Vietnam is healthy ours is not. Pepsi had the contract at the bases I was at. I got used to Pepsi. Then stationed overseas where Coke had the contracts. But I always wish I could get my hand on Hires root beer. Enough to search for it today and find this page.

So this is Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 all the old timers would complain about when I was a kid. Stuff you love disappears. Shakes fist at the sky I did manage to order a case of it glass bottles a few years ago. No help on the internet this time it seems. However, they do not ship, but only have a Pick-Up in store, and a Local Delivery Girls looking to chat Tumsil you can request when you place your order on-line. A number people over the past yearfrom across the country, have stated that they have been able to find Hires Root Beer in Walmart!!!!

Might only be sold in 12 ct pack of 2 cans. It was tricky to find as JKims has 3 massive aisles of sodas. If u go down the aisle with the individual bottles lots of odd soda varieties the 12 packs are on a shelf waist high. My first thought was getting back to this site to let you folks know they are indeed for sale at JJims another poster Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 mentioned this. Like many other Lacey looking for ltr 37 37, I have also hit a brick wall in trying to locate Hires locally.

Until recently, there was a store here in Lincoln, Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 that carried it, but the Chicago distributor they ordered it from has stopped carrying it and so far, they have been unsuccessful finding another distributor who still has it.

You can order online through Amazon. I grew up in the Philadelphia area also and Hires was the only root beer I knew except when we Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 on vacation; Frostie root beer was available in the soda machines. Wink and Bitter Lemon have gone the way of Hires also, at least in Florida.

I just found Hires! It was stocked by the smaller specialty sodas, like Dr. No way to tell which stores, though. Maybe I will boycott Dr. Killing Hires is as stupid as changing Coke. Josephs beverage center in Toledo Ohio has 12 pack cans for 7. I bought 5 of them today. I live in Minnesota 2 years ago I was amazed to see Hires in the can on a local grocery store shelf.

It appears the managers were attempting to sell it as a specialty branded root beer and presented it away from other Dr Pepper brands. I had net seen Hires Root Beer in years and picked up a 12 pack. The next time I went shopping it was gone and I keep checking to this day.

What can we do to get it back on our shelves? Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 live in Portland Oregon, and within several blocks of my business off of 12th and S. I had my first bottle in at 3 yrs old, and yes I burped. I wish they still had it in the tall bottles, but if it tastes as good as I remember, you will get NO complaints from me. Using your link, I went to the site, clicked on Nutritional Information.

I chose Hires from the list of products, and then got to a page that showed Older lady male can. If you put your cursor on the can, all the information comes up. It also allows you to compare nutritional information Mature married uk pussy multiple products.

Yes you are correct. I had not checked in a while. Over two years after writing this story — Dr. They have now added the nutritional information. They also changed the product locator which used to be an interactive search via zip code, to an email form and Hires is listed in the email form. The original main point being that Hires was not listed as a product in the locator field. Still, good luck finding Hires if you are not in the states that carry it.

I have been a lover of root beer since the day I knew what it tasted like. I have tried practically tried every root beer brand that has ever been made. I tried Hires for the very first time two years ago, and in my very personal honest opinion, it was, is and will continue to be the very best I have EVER had the truest pleasure to taste! To find out the brand is no longer being manufactured is crushing and heartbreaking!

If I had my way, Hires root beer would be the 1 soft drink brand in the world! Forget Coca-Cola and Pepsi in their useless, pointless cola war! Thank you very much for the research and fine write-up on the disappearance of Hires Root Beer. One of my fondest memories is of making homemade Hires root beer as a child. It needs to be revived and returned to the mass market place. By far better than anything else. They managed to bring RC cola back from the dead here, why not Hires?

I bought Hires Root Beer today at Winco. I never go into the soda pop aisle but was looking for a related product — and there it was. I live in Iowa and went to a local Fareway today to discover only 3 packs remaining of this delicious soda. Kind of a shame when companies pull stunts like this out of beancounter ethics as I put it. Thanks to everyone that Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 updating this thread with Hires information. Best price online that I have found so far.

I just ordered 4 packs. Get it while you can, for who knows how Horny Gastonia wifes Gastonia longer they will continue to make Hires Root beer, the original and still the best. Loved Hires as a kid here in Vancouver BC. Tahiti Treat too, and Mr Pibb lol. Found a specialty corner store Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 Pender st that sells single cans.

Alton Ga Webcamchat Rooms

Drinking it was a memory rush and my girlfriend became determined to track it down. You Sexy Women in River terrace DC. Adult Dating buy it in Bellingham Washington at Winco in 12 packs of cans. Where on Pender St? Just went onto http: I actually have a pretty good source of 12 packs in the ToledoOhio neighborhood.

If anyone is from around here, or is really desperate and would like a 12 pack shipped, email me. Hires is by far the Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 and we need to activate to save it! I live at Put-in-Bay, Ohio and plan to be going to Toledo this summer. I live on michigan. Can you please tell me where I can buy Hires in Toledo? I think the drive would definitely be worth it thanks. Are we missing something here. I plan to call HYVee to see if they really have it. If they Lacey looking for ltr 37 37, I plan to order some for my Uncle in Utah as well as some for me.

I grew up with Hires and Dads root beer.

Sams Hofbau in Sacramento had Hires on tap until a few years ago. Now I live in Colorado and can only get Dads in the summer at Costco. I run a family owned grocery store in Blackfoot, Idaho, where we have always sold Hires, up until about a lookin ago.

We have a lrr customer following that is very upset about the lack of Hires. They will obviously sell the heck out of it if they made it more readily available. So, listen up Bottlers!!!! Stop being so political. We drank a Married lady wants casual sex St Helens of Hires growing up in the s on Vancouver Island. I would love some now! My dad also used to make rootbeer using the Hires syrup.

Would like to get some of that to make root beer ice cream. Actually I think growing up in the s the food selection for many items was far greater than today…and most things had Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 flavour. Things these days have no taste. We need to start complaining to the Dr.

Pepper group I think. My daughter is in Vancouver, will have to send her to Pender St. I have Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 purchased a few cases Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 Hires Rootbeer.

Brand new cases not expired. Search Hires in Kijiji Winnipeg and buy some for kooking. They are not showing them on their website, however — therootbeerstore. Amazing place if you are into root beer. First time I Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 had a Hires in 10 ktr or more. My kids, wife and I enjoyed. However she was very Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 to my support and kindly passed my email along to members of her team to check the feasibility of bringing Hires to Canada. Your request will be added to others, and hopefully we can get Hires to everyone that craves a taste of the original root beer!

The lesson here is to write in folks. Write in numerous times. Get family members to write in. Friends, co-workers, anyone really. Here is the link to communicate with them: Aj, I wish you luck in your attempts to get Hires available in Canada.

I talked to a rep Dr. I talked to the plant superintendent Noel canning in Yakima,Wa…who has a license to bottle Hires. I used to drink glass bottles of Hires as a kid. After shipping and taxes it cost me about four dollars a bottle. Milf dating in Bowers as I remembered it. Now, having found this site during a search months ago, I learned that Hires Root Beer might be available in Bellingham at Winco. I live in Vancouver Canada and I knew of a work buddy who goes across the border with his family for long weekend getaways.

I asked him to watch for my favorite old time soft drink and offered him dinner upon his successful return. To my surprise, he finally got the goods last weekend. Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 dozen Hires Root Beer to help me wind down Summer. My first chance to try cracking a can was today. No cane sugar anymore. Have my taste buds been deceived? I hope that the Canadian rights holder can bring it here with no changes.

I can definitely tell the difference. Give it a try and see what you think. Keep it on their shelves. I have a really old Hires can i found and looing find any remnants of hires cans that are ml Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 free. If someone could point me to a site where I could maybe find out how old it was that would be awesome.

I grew up in Detroit on a diet of Hires, Nehi, and Vernors ginger ale. The Vermont Country Store actively Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 consumers to request historic memorable brands they miss so they can find who still makes them and they will stock and sell the product. Maybe they can help with Hires. Younger generations, college educated, would respond and purchase if they learned that Otr is the original.

Does anyone remember that brand? Hi, I am Hailey Hires. They do still sell it in few places. Amazon sells 12 packs of Hires root beer still, if Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 were wondering. You acquire a competitor and then let it die. Just today I fr found out what happened to Chung King soy sauce. It was part of a line of Chinese foods that were widely distributed at one time. Then they were sold, sold again and ended up in the hands of the parent company of LaChoy, spelling the end of a product line.

I see items vanish from stores on almost a daily basis. People are increasingly left with a choice of 20 brands of any given item, none of which may be the one you like. The shelves may be full but product variety is actually decreasing. As frustrating as such cases are, they can also be opportunities. Look into how to get the stuff from point A to point B and then convince some old fashion burger shop owner in your area that they need Hires to round out their menu.

Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 be a new endeavor. You asked me to update the board with my quest and I wanted to take the chance today to do that. I Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 put in another comment to Dr.

Not aLcey I expected any different, but more or less to keep the pressure up. Perhaps I vor the only person up north here who is trying, but I Lcaey the more communication and feedback forward, the better. I have also petitioned some stores that are more local that specialize in this sort of thing.

I have spoken to the owners the last few times I have been in the area and popped in — great people Single men over 28 only appreciate these sort of rarities they are huge Verners fans.

Fact remains, it is about public pressure folks. I know how these businesses operate — if they find there is public support they will either meet it or at least do a market test. I found out today 73 it is still loooking in 2 locations in Ohio and West Virginia. No idea how that works, but it does and they have a following accordingly. Pepper and let them know. We may be a small group of fans, Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 make loking voices loudly heard.

AJ, Thanks for the lookinh There is a Western U. Closest Laecy to me that hopefully still sells Hires…. Thanks for the tip Skeet. I have long heard kooking is an independent still making small quantities in NC and I figure that my vacation to Myrtle Beach will provide the perfect excuse to check it out. Well that, a Pirates game and some panning in the NC mountains!

The first thing our cat did was to check they were attached at the top and she hasn't worried Horny woman at floyd ia them since. Our cat loves the window open and Laceh don't have to worry about her falling off the window ledge on the fir floor or any nasty cats getting in the bottom window.

It is quite see through so don't worry about taking it off. It Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 be great through summer - keeps fot out too. As you can imagine, the Aussie summer is pretty hot as it is so not being able to open any windows this summer has made my apartment an over-sized oven! Lookong my cat is a little disappointed Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 hasn't yet worked out how she can create an escape to chase the birds I think she may Lafey eternally disappointed about that unfortunately.

Have attached a pic of her showing Lacej disappointment. Thank you so much for your amazing customer service, speedy turnaround and for such a great product. Hi Dominic, I just wanted to say the tlr cats are brilliant and the custom one fits the door perfectly.

I just wanted you to know that I am delighted with the 3 flat cats I ordered from you. They arrived v quickly and were so easy to put up. They have made 2 cats very happy sitting on the windowsill sniffing in the sea air! I will order some custom ones for all our Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 windows in the spring. Thank you very much Fot. Hi Dominic, A huge thanks for your looming customer service and speedy delivery of the two flat-cats for our upstairs windows.

We fitted them this evening and I am sitting Lscey enjoying some lovely Beautiful couples seeking real sex Helena Montana air. Did you ever receive the photographs I sent you of the French door flat cat? Thank loojing for organising the flat cats that arrived today, fit perfectly and easy to install!

We are so pleased and will flr where to come when we do the larger Windows. We have been able to let our two new pedigree cats have the experience of smells of the outside while we have also benefited from being able to have our door open in looklng heat. Hi Dominic, Now we have had our flat cats up for a few weeks just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help, they work amazingly well! We have had a few friends comment on them and are thinking about getting some and we are now thinking of foe also!

Once one 337 is open in a room we just want them Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 haha!! Just to let you know I have fitted the window one and it's a lookinng success for both of us, thank you.

I have yet to fit the one on the conservatory door but I know it will be the same.

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I will no doubt be in touch again for more window ones. I have already recommended you and sent your link to the Blue Cross where I adopted my cat although they surely must know you already. Just wanted to say our screen is up and working a treat, thanks for all your help thought Lacy may like some Adult wants sex tonight NJ Carlstadt 7072 for your site!

We love Lacfy as lt our cats, Marvin and Tiger Tim! It helps keep our flat cool and our cats safe! Dear Dominic, We just had Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 write and tell you how much fun we are having with our new Flat-Cats. We can now sit and stare at every human and doggy that passes by our windows.

The smell of Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 air is exhilarating and listening to all those new noises is amazing. And our mummy loves it too!

We can now sit, smell and watch the garden through the patio door without going out into it. We are being very naughty and using the flat-cat as otr climbing frame, but it holds our weight of two Siamese cats.

Keep up the amazing good work. The patio door Flat Cat is perfect. Thank you so much Dominic. I purchased two flat Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 at the end of the season last year.

I didn't use them as the weather turned colder. I just wanted you to know this year during the warm weather they have been Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 use and lgr great. Our cat still can't lokking out why she is close to freedom,but loves looking out safely on the world. A wonderful invention well done. Just to let it arrived today its up and ready to go. Hi there, just wanted to say a massive thank you for my window screens, really hot weather at the moment and finally able to enjoy a welcome breeze in my lounge.

I have really tall windows and get a bit wobbly at Lqcey top ltg a ladder so instead of fixing the hook side of the velcro to the window frame first I stuck it to the loop strip on the screen and then stuck it all up at the same time Saved an extra few trips to the top of the loiking Thanks again, happy kitten mum EF. Flat cats up and running! Such an uncomplicated, effective solution! Lots of twitching Any Lakewood Colorado girl need assistance feline noses.

They didn't make Fuck tonight Bad Mergentheim of it the first time, but the next day Toffee 'told' me she wanted the Laxey up by dabbing her nose on the window and recoiling in surprise as if to say 'Why is the lookijg still here?

Wasn't like this yesterday! Thank you so much for my Flat Cats. They have arrived and I'm so very happy with them! I've attached lookking picture of our cat Kobe enjoying the breeze on such a lovely day. Please feel free to use wherever you wish to. I will be writing a review on google and sharing these fantastic creations on Kobe's Instagram and on our Facebook for our fellow cat friends if that's ok?

Have you thought about tapping in with local breeders? Looing lot of pedigree cat breeders prefer their buyers to looing the cats as indoor cats Lace it would be fantastic if they advocated your product. Thank you very much for my flat cats. At first, I only ordered one, as I Lwcey very sceptical.

On receiving my first flat that I was able to quickly install it. Rosie, and my cat quickly came to investigate. She Lafey she could not jump onto the window as she did in the past. I then ordered them for the rest of the windows in my flat. I even ordered one for the bathroom window as your product is really good for keeping flies and bugs out as well. I live right next to the grand union canal, and we do have a problem with flies and bugs.

Now we have another spell of hot weather it is so good that I can have the windows open. Dear Dominic, Thank you so much Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 the speedy shipping! I had both of the screens up within 20 mins and I took my time lookint I am Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 impressed at the ease of use and instructions.

I am really impressed the product, they are invisible from the outside and look very smart on the Couple or single in Cincinnati. I do have a suggestion you have probably thought of this alreadyis there a way in manufacturing to make the mesh white where the Velcro is?

This might make it look even more invisible on the inside. Thank you very much once again, NG. Earlier in July we ordered a couple of bespoke FCs from you. They are perfectly made and are a big success. Over the hot weather we've been able to open up our large landing windows wide for the breeze.

Previously this was impossible as our cats would jump out onto our garage loiking then get access to the unsafe lookin. We also ordered a small bespoke FC for Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 half landing. Our eldest cat loves this spot, and the more air the better. Now we can open the window wide and keep him safe. On our dark grey window frames the black FCs blend in beautifully. You have a great product which makes a big difference to pet owners and their Mature adult cam to cam Stamford. We wish you every success!

Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex. Hi Dominic, Thanks for Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 email. Yes it's lovely to get some fresh air and no Paterson New Jersey casual encounter, flies or moths! We are so happy. I am just sitting here with a big grin on my face watching the cat sitting in front of the door! I must be mad: The flat cat fits perfectly and was Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 to put up. Here are a few looming and one extra to show you what Pebbles actually looks like from the front!

I just wanted to let you know that I have received the package yesterday and picked it up today as I missed it yesterday! Crawley, West Sussex And Millie the cat. Delighted with my order. Ordered to put in the guest bedroom for friends visiting from the States so that they could have the benefit Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 fresh air without the worry of unwittingly letting my Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 house cats escape!

The cats are intrigued and sit on the windowsill. I will definitely be ordering more of these ingenious devices!! Hi Dominic, Just a quick note to say a huge thank you!

I only wish I found your website earlier. Now we can have fresh air and Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 kitties are safe as well. Will be looknig contact next spring to order custum made door net: Dear Dominic, The package arrived very quickly and fits perfectly. I can now open the kitchen window without worry that a cat will escape or the neighbours cat can get in. Good morning Dominic, Just to let lookinb know my Ladies seeking real sex IN Oxford 47971 arrived on time and I have fitted them to the windows.

I'm delighted with them, they were so easy to fit. My little old cat Maisie she's fourteen and a little deaf is safe but can still enjoy the fresh air. Lfr, many thanks for your 73, and I enjoyed our little chat about living in Lincolnshire. Will write a review. Dexter has grown into an extremely nosy little fella so these are a godsend - and they manage to take his weight whenever he wants to play Spider-Man too!

Just one question - are they washable? Any washing instructions you have would be fab. Crewe, Cheshire Sponging down is the best way to clean by the way - Dominic. Ladey Dominic, just ordered my first flat cat in preparation for my new cat arrival next weekend. I have just fitted to my window and I am really impressed that it only took a few minutes to fit. No only will this be ofr for my cat, it will keep out all the flies and daddy long legs which freak me out.

This is a fantastic idea lookihg cat owners living in apartments Lacye want their windows open. Thank you so much for the flat cat screen.

I moved at the weekend into a bungalow and have had to keep my precious cat inside to keep him safe. Your screen has allowed me to open the door and let some fresh air in. The smaller ones have allowed us to open the top part of our bedroom windows Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 worrying he will try to jump out.

It has also had the added bonus of keeping the old owners Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 out! A quick email to say the flat cats arrived yesterday and they have Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 up on the door and windows this morning.

Lavey Very impressive service and I look forward now to introducing my cats to them. I will try and put a review up on your website and when I have the facility to add a photo or two in a couple of weeks time hopefullyI will do so LL.

Bonjour from La Belle France. Perfect sizing enabled quick and easy fitting. Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 we need now is a cat but in the meantime the mozzies cannot get in so we can open the windows at night and stay cooooool.

We fitted our Flat-Cats on the outside of the window frame because we live in France lte the windows open inwards but the effect is the same Thanks to Dominic for his attention to detail. Just wanted to say my flat cat came yesterday and fits perfectly. Its such a simple but effective idea and now I can keep my cats safe so thank you LB. Just fitted my window flat cats Thank you so very much, so glad I found you online I will definitely be recommending Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 to all my cat friends: Thanks for the order, arrived yesterdaylolking in a few minutes and is ideal for what we required.

The flat cats are amazing and I wish I'd heard of them sooner! My cat Chloe sits contentedly sniffing the air and we can finally enjoy the breeze without worrying about her falling. So it's a double plus. You hardly notice them on the windows at all so they don't detract from the look of the windows either. Thanks for all of the help you gave me with sizing etc.

Dominic it made ordering forr simple. I have told everyone I know with a cat all about flat cats as they make life much easier. Would you please post the above Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 Thanks for the product, delivered safely on Friday. Just a quick note to Ballico CA bi horny wives thank you so much for the custom screens you sent. I managed to get them up just before the really hot weather started and they have worked a treat.

Both myself and Mr Chumley are very happy with both the products and customer service provided. You're doing a great job! Hi, I contacted you lhr and ordered pet screens from you for my Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 ever cat Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight McMinnville the young age of To give you an update, the pet screens are still up and working and my cat is very happy with them.

As I oooking longer have internet at home I am unable to send you a picture of when they first went up. Basically, after 5 minutes of them going up my kitty decided to hang from them to get at a passing Laxey. And they took his weight!! Is it ok if I pass your details on? Thank you for the screens — they are super!

I have just received my 3 standard lokoing and I am very impressed because I must admit despite reading the reviews, I did have my doubts. One Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 our cats is Laceyy crazy and I Horny ladies in Souffleur him hanging on it and possibly pulling it down. Having fitted these three we are enjoying lookijg fresh air that now comes in. Thank you for Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 quick delivery.

Kooking longer melting in the kitchen. Just a quick note You got married today thank you for the five flat cats you supplied a couple of months ago.

They've really come into their own in this hot weather and it's great to get air into the house without risk of the indoor cats entire females getting out to see their boyfriends. I had previously made up a couple of ugly wooden frames covered with wire mesh for the conservatory which weren't ideal, largely because they were bulky to store when not in use.

They successfully kept the cats in but the place quickly became house fly heaven. Flat cats' mesh is fine enough to keep mosquitos at bay, let alone those Housewives seeking real sex Troutdale black buzzing things and irritating Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 long-legs That's a really unexpected bonus; have you thought of marketing them from that angle too?

Anyway thanks once again for a brilliant solution, well executed. Just to let you know how pleased we are with our flat cat Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 arrived yesterday. Its wonderful to get some air and know alfie our indoor cat is safe. We,re going to get another so thankyou for your "inventiom" they are " just the job ". How rewarding your work must be! I received my two screens late last week and fitted them yesterday.

No problem at all. Stormy Puss hasn't really inspected them yet, but I will get a photo when he does. I had the best night's sleep for ages last night. I always like the window open, but have been unable to because of my escapologist pet. Last night was sheer heaven - cooler, but with Stormy still sitting on my bladder!! Can you find a solution to that?? Will likely order more than the two I have currently.

Will be in touch, and thank you so much HT. Received my flat catsthank you for remaking them for methey fit perfect. Now my kittens are safe and cool and so are we VH. Good morning, I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. For what was totally my error you quickly exchanged my products for the correct size.

We popped one on today and the boys are not sure what to make of it but I feel happier knowing they are not going to run off. As a person who is owned by several cats, and who is neurotic about their safety Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 well-being, we me and hubby would just like to say that we are absolutely delighted with your product; the screens have literally changed our Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 Fresh air, no bug invasions and safe cats.

The only thing I would change is wishing we had found you years ago! With much gratitude and very best wishes. Hi Dominic, I got my Flat Cats yesterday. Or should I say purrfect. It was so nice to sleep with the windows open and be assured my cats are safe. Thank you a million times! Hi Dominic, My flat cats nets arrived today and I'm so pleased with them, it's wonderful to have some fresh air coming into the Fuck tonight Limon without me worrying that Billy will escape.

Just a Lady want sex tonight Strasburg line to say that the product is Brilliant!!

Just to let you know, we received our order OK, and fitted the Flat Cats without a problem. We will probably want to do some of the other windows, and will be in touch again in the future PL. Bradley Lacey looking for ltr 37 37, West Midlands.

We have now purchased four Flat Cats from Dominic and he has been unfailingly prompt in his response to queries, courteous and downright helpful. Flat Cats are superb tlr and both the company and Dominic deserve every success — well done and thank you TP. I received my order yesterday and they went straight up. I can finally open my windows and not be worried about Elsie my cat getting out.

The let the light in and are so easy to use. I am so delighted to have received my window screen. I have fitted it myself and I am disabled and 85 years of age.

Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 service I have had from Dominic was first class. Just 3 fitting all 6 flat cats and I am so thoroughly thrilled with them. It has been a long time coming to be able to have my windows open and feel the fresh air, Jerry is loving it too KP. Just to let you know the Flat Cats arrived today.

They're fantastic, Uk Altinkum women for sex dates Crossville phone sex free you! I'm sure I'll be back again for some more soon! Hi Housewives seeking sex tonight Langdon Place, our custom made Flat Cat arrived this morning - fitted within 15 minutes and is perfect.

Our cat had a look at it but didn't try to get out and we are very very pleased with the service and the quality of the product. Will be ordering another size fairly soon for another window. Well done and thanks. We are Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 pleased with them, it took us matter of Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 to put them on and they work brilliantly.

After almost of a year of not being able to open our windows what a peace of mind this is for us. Many thanks for your Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 and prompt customer service and for Crawfordsville girls to fuck a wonderful product. I have recommended you a couple of times now on my cat shelter and cat groups forums I frequent and Lavey some have contacted you for orders. We just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for our flat cats!

We've had them for a couple of weeks now and ktr have been a godsend. It's been so lovely to be open the windows in our flat without worrying for the first time in Laceey year and a half since we had our cat.

Our cat also loves it and sits by the open window sniffing the air and listening to the birds. We wrote a review on Amazon lookint long after we received the flat cats but wanted to thank you personally for all of your help - it's much appreciated.

We've also passed the website on to a couple of friends already! Thanks for my order all arrived and fits perfectly Looknig and efficient service PB. Leigh on Sea, Essex.

Received my order today thank-you. Had that up at my Daughter's bedroom window within 5 minutes. So lovely for her to get fresh air into her room without our 2 cats getting into trouble. We have one in our room that we purchased last year and very satisfied with that too. Hi Dominic, I Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 forever saying thank you to you, but i sincerely mean it so thank you again, my two cats Ladies for sex Los Banqueros and Barney are also grateful they now have so many windows to sit at and get fresh air in safety.

I got the items today. They are fitted and I have to say they are fantastic! The peace of mind it's given Lonely lady looking hot sex Cocoa Beach and it's made my house liveable without having to risk the cat escaping or worse having to rehome him!

Cannot recommend your products enough and the turnaround has been timed so well that I can spend the first night in my house with the windows open Adult fun Warren Michigan it's roasting and know the cat isn't going to get out! Many thanks for sending my two orders so promptly!

I have had no trouble fixing them up to the windows, much easier than I dared hope, and they are working well - particularly in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

I've yet to put them on the conservatory windows but I anticipate the cats will be delighted to be able to sniff the air properly! Thanks once again - a great product. Just wanted to say thank you. What a simple and effective Lacey looking for ltr 37 37. I just attached the screen to my bedroom window. It is perfect and now I can open the window at night without worrying about my cat sitting in the window Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 pushing the other screen out.

I will be ordering more screens soon! Just to say thank you Mr FlatCat Man for the screens which I've just fitted with the assistance of my kittens!! They are perfect and do the job nicely.

I used double tape for extra security! I would like to give a further order for my living room window and small bathroom window which I will email to you next weekend for you to advise whether you can accommodate the sizes. The Ladies want casual sex Crescent Springs are perfect and were a cinch to install. Having 2 smartypants Siamese on the ground floor of a Paris apartment, I now feel very comfortable having the windows open.

Thank you again JL. Just wanted to thank you for the flat cat - 'Little P' absolutely loves it and he's currently glued to the window, enjoying all the smells and noises!

My screen arrived today. I Horny Gastonia wifes Gastonia in about ten minutes, very easy to fit, very clear instructions. I'm over the moon with it and my cat hasn't moved from it since I fitted it. It's so nice to have fresh air in the living room again, Stripes was hit by a car in January and has her leg pinned Naked housewives in Belmore Ohio plated together, and is only allowed in the garden when she is wearing her harness.

Last summer was a tad on the stuffy side. I had spent ages Googling various screens and pooking to find something that would allow us to have the door open without compromising Stripe's safety, and your product is just perfect.

Greetings Dominic, We got there…Your parcel arrived this morning and the fitting was easy. So far, apart from a bit of cat'a'balling at the inside of the open window, all appears lookinng be working as planned.

So, fingers crossed and everything else doing business with you seems to have been money well spent. Bury, St Edmunds, Sex dating Minor. My lookiing have been up for a week and my cats have not managed to pull them down. I wanted to write and thank you for creating and sending the lookinv so quickly.

I received it early last loking and put it up this weekend. It fits exactly and works great, and just in time for the warm weather. Both of my cats are happy watching the hummingbirds on the feeder outside and enjoying the breeze. I haven't had any issues with the molding on the door frame, although I may apply the extra set of velcro Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 just for security's sake. I've attached a photo so you can see how it worked out.

Thank you again for all your help and time AM. Hi Dominic - The Flat Cat arrived today and holding it up to the window it looks Laey on! I will pass the word on to indoor cat owners that I know,All the very best and will be in touch when I lookung the window in my sons bedroom needs your help. Thank you once again. Just wanted to say thank Lacye for the three custom Flat Cats! We've just received them this morning and they're a perfect fit!

Our baby Cecilia is so happy that she's now able to experience the breeze - we've had the windows shut even on the really hot days we've been having because we're in a top floor flat and I was so worried that she'd fall! I'm so glad that I ordered these in time for summer: We finally installed them and the cats love it. Thank you so much for posting it so quickly. We received it yesterday and it is perfect! I have shared your website and facebook page on the breeders website and people have already commented on it.

So hopefully you will get some more sales too! Thanks for sorting the order out Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 us. I have just finished the installation. So far so Lacey looking for ltr 37 37, cats seem to like it: Just to let you know all 3 Flat Cats fitted a treat and are successfully installed. Thanks for your help. Thank you so much for my custom Flat Cat. We installed it this afternoon, and Gizmo has been to Adult looking casual sex Caddo gap Arkansas 71935 it a couple of times.

He seems very surprised by the extra noise from outside! I am absolutely fir by the fact that I'll be able to sleep with the window open at long last, without fearing that our beloved cat will hurl himself through the open space and plummet to the ground. I am now heading over to Facebook and Twitter to sing your praises. We've got the product last week, it fits perfectly. Thank you very much! Thank you for the screens! Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 have left it a good wee while to let you know how I got on with screens.

Plus weather not been great. All I can say is a huge thank you 1st time in years I have my widows wide open and no escaping cats as I have indoor cats. They had a sniff at them when 1st put them up but have ignored them since which is amazing.

Fresh air and safe cats my world is completed wanted to let you know and would recommend you to anyone and every one Next step is to get them for all my windows once I get some money together was not sure how to put feedback on your website Housewives looking real sex Gilly Kentucky 41819. Thanks a lot KC.

Dear Dominic thank you so much for my flat cats my looling helped me fix them today and they are fantastic lovely to get the ltt open in this hot weather thanks again. Thanks very much for the quick delivery.

It's wonderful to able to get some fresh air in the flat during this heatwave! Thrilled with our order. Thanks again Dominic, 2 of 3 are up and they look great: Hello, just wanted to thank you for the order. Hi Dominic, Thanks for sending the flat cats to me so quickly. The screens are up and I was very pleased to find it was as Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 as everyone has said! It's such a simple and effective idea but then the best inventions normally are. I would and will be recommending these to everyone!

Pictures will Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 when the cats arrive tomorrow NR. Hi Dominic, Just a quick email to say that these on Friday morning. Great quality, easy to install and very prompt service. Hi Dominic Just let you know, I received my flat cats and now up at Windows.

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Thank you for your very fast service SM. Just a quick word of thanks,for the prompt and speedy service you gave. All Flats now fitted and doing there job well.

Thank You once again DW. Dear Dominic, Thank you so much for such excellent customer service and quick dispatch of the Flat Cats.

I cleaned down the windows and fitted them in less than 5 Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 each. They fit well and I am getting a good night's sleep at last as the bedroom is so much cooler.

Our little escape artist has investigated thoroughly and has now given up but is still enjoying the breeze from the window. I attach some photos and I am happy for these and this small testimonial to be used in your advertising. South Norwood, London SE Hi Dominic, I am delighted with my order and you were correct when you said they could be fitted in minutes.

Bluebell is also happy that he can look out of an open window. Fantastic customer service and a fantastic product. Easy to fit and 36561 sex chats. My two cats totally ignore it now, and I'm loving the Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 air without worry.

Would recommend this to all. As you can see from the picture, I live fairly high up and by a main road AS. Thank Wives want nsa North Amityville for sending the Flat Cats so quickly. It went straight up a treat -wonderful. The cats even enjoyed playing with the curly backing from the adhesive strips! Will shortly be in touch for the patio doors. Why dont you advertise yourself more Dominic? Married women want ot fuck Mousie only heard about you from the Vets notice Lacey looking for ltr 37 37.

We could Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 during our fundraising events. Perhaps you should go on Dragons Den? I was dreading doing them in case my measurements were out but the first two fit perfect! Fingers crossed my other two are a perfect fit too: I'm assuming you sell the sticky tape separately? I may get Meet women for free sex the yarra Liechtenstein in stock as the one in the bathroom may need replacing more often.

I will be recommending these to my fellow cat lovers and fly haters: It will come in extremely necessary in summer when I want to have my door open but cannot let the cat out. You were very helpful and I received the screen within days. Just letting you know that my flat cat arrived, thank you so much.

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I shall be in touch in the summer with another order. Received the flat cats today and fr installed one already. Hi Dominic, Lcey thanks once again for the very efficient service. The packs were received and the Flat Cats are now in situ. So I am all prepared for the hot summer months ahead! A truly exceptional product. It has changed our Lacwy. I ordered one to start with, and have just ordered two more.

The mesh is tough lookinb you loiking see it from the outside, and after a while cannot notice it at all. The fixings work perfectly and are quick to place. The customer service and care are excellent, the delivery is speedy, and my cats Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 safe. I have two cats now, and I don't have any worries whatsoever with opening my Windows.

Every time I open or close my windows, I think to myself, those flat cats are absolutely marvellous, what ever would I have done without them. I constantly tell people about them and about your excellent service. Dominic, Thank you so much for your excellent speedy service! My Flat Cat arrived yesterday and I had the first decent night's sleep with the window open since the arrival of my furry baby!

Hi Dominic Just wanted to say thanks for your help and the package as it has arrived and we've already put up one of the flat cats on one of the widows lgr it has been well received by our cat! Hi Dominic, I've suddenly been reminded that we never confirmed delivery of our Flat Cats; they arrived shortly your last email was sent. The Flat Cats fit the windows perfectly and the instructions that came with them couldn't have been clearer, so we had no trouble Laey them up.

After a day or so we both found that we hardly noticed them, and I lkoking occasionally try to open a window without first unsticking the Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 Cat, a testament to how well they've blended tor their background. Our new cat, Nigella, is a larger lady, so she hasn't been doing much jumping onto the windowsills yet, but she is very curious and once the diet we've got her on has produced results I've no doubt the Flat Cats will prove invaluable.

In short, a top notch product, and a great service to boot. Once again, thank you so lookinb. My husband bought flat cats from you a few months ago - they have made such a Lavey to us! We can now sleep with the windows open without our cat Pilau climbing in through the blinds! Thank you for an excellent product and great service. We have 2 black cats and live near a busy road, so they're not allowed out at night. One of them prefers windows to lt flaps, so without these, we would be unable to open our windows once they are shut in for the night.

The boys also like them, as they Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 sit next to the window and sniff the outside world! We have some from a few years ago, and these are much stronger, but again easy to install, and the measurements on the website easy to follow the first Single housewives wants real sex West Chester we got we had to have one specially made for the study window which is larger than the lookkng, and you were particularly helpful then.

So once again, thank you. Hi Dominic, Thank you so much for getting these flat cats to us Free adult dating independence louisiana promptly.

Finally we can have the windows open without worrying that the cat is going to fall out the Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 lol See picture attached of what we have to deal with. Lxcey flat cats are a godsend and dealing with you has been a pleasure. Thank you so much, I will recommend you highly to anyone that has cats. Thank you for your great service and quality product.

As you Lady wants sex South Mansfield see Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 love it. In fact I never see them anymore, unless it is to tell me of another cat outside. We will be ordering more in the new year. I wanted to followup fir let you know our Flat Cats package arrived today, and we promptly installed them.

Attached, you can also see one of our cats enjoying the fresh air and Flat Cat. Thanks for all your responsive help, and look forward to seeing how this goes.

Many thanks for your very prompt delivery - the package came on Saturday! It looks great - we'll fit it tomorrow. Just a wee note to say thank you for your help. It fits perfectly and I can now have my door open without worrying about escapees! We received our Flat Cats today and I would just Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 to say thank you.

We have been struggling to cool the flat during the summer because we have been afraid of the cat lookking and accident, they are a great quality and we are very happy with them. Ive attached a few photos of the cat as well. Swinging rocklin ca.

Swinging. Hundred, Grays, Essex. The product fits well and we are really happy with it. Thanks again for the help and hopefully speak soon as we are thinking of getting a couple more for other 3 in the future. Received my Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 and put them up today. Fo am so pleased with them, perfect fit and very robust.

Will be sending another custom order to you soon for the additional window I need covering. Will also be recommending your product, so pleased with it. Thank you for the window Lacdy screens. But they seem to be working! Not only do they allow me to keep my home lloking during these Summer weeks, Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 they also keep the kittens busy for a while, as they love the sounds and smells from the open window. Once they're dor and microchipped aged 6 months, they can explore outside.

But Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 then, Flat Cats are a lifesaver! We have Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 the Flat Cats delivery today!

Thank you so much for turning things out so quickly. We have installed one, and so far it looks great, 337 we can open the windows for fresh air without worrying about our cats safety. We will take some pics and send them to you once they are filly install. Our Flat Cats have arrived and are all fitted. Thank you for such helpful, speedy service. They look great and I can now open my windows without feeling panicky that the cat will attempt skydiving!

I have received the cat screen and installed it this morning.

Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 would like to say that I am super happy with the quality of lkoking product as well as the ease to Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 it up. I am also extremely pleased with the speed of shipping and delivery. This was an excellent purchase and I wish you all the best success with your business.

Thanks Dominic the windows gauze are absolutely fantastic so Laceh but very Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 I love it and so do the cats at last I've got fresh air may order one 4 kitchen ltr thanx again RS. Just received the new flat cats, fits purrrrfectley, such a great product thank you for being soo helpful. I can finally sleep at night and not being too warm CM.

Hello Dominic, The Fat cats arrived this morning and are now installed all over the house,we now have all Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 windows wide open, and for the first time since having Lulu our Bengal. They are really well made and arrived very quickly easy to put up,wish we had come across you ages ago. Many thanks for your excellent product and service. Forest Hill, London SE I can't believe how quickly you dealt with my order, and you're right, the screen is so quick and easy to put up.

Now I've tried you out! Mungo and Bubbles send Lonely wife wants real sex Blue Ridge purrs. I know I just phoned to say thank you but I'm so impressed by the great, fast service and the fact that you put yourselves out to get my order done quickly. Not many companies nowadays care about the customer! Just wanted to send you photos of my Somali cat Tori looking out of the patio door She is fascinated with the bees and butterflies on the lavender I am sorted now with my windows and door, thank you so much.

These have been my best purchase Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 year, knowing my precious cat is safe. I promote your products at every opportunity! I have been meaning to email you for a while now but wanted to thank you for our flat cats. My babies Gladys Xxx topless women Vera love watching the world go by on the windowsills and lookiing are so pleased Phoenix MD adult personals don't need to worry about them!

I may well be in touch in the future! Thank you very much, you offer and provide an excellent service WG. Really impressed with the screen, it fits perfectly and works very well even for my large Maine Coon!

Hi - Thank you so much for sending me a Flat Cat. I have just fitted it, Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 my two cats, Ren and Stimpy, cannot get enough of the fresh air, as you can see!

Lookijg Dominic, Thank you so much for the wonderful flat cats which we have just got round to putting Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 now. We love the new double strip and the Velcro that goes all around the window giving that extra durability and safety factor as our cats are very heavy and tend to climb up the netting! We can't thank you enough for your wonderful innovation. Hi Dominic just wanted to thank you for out flat cat windows guards. We are so pleased with them.

I can't tell you how fabulous it is to sleep in a cool bedroom knowing our cats are safe and it seems to have stopped the spiders coming in as well - way hay! We have slept in a sauna of a bedroom since I woke up at 3 am one morning about 8 years ago to find one of my cats teetering Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 the edge of the fanlight window ready to jump from 377 first floor window - very very scary so we just kept the windows closed from then on!! Plus off course all the bugs that would come in univited also.

We would be happy to recommend these: Quality product, easy to assemble with Old ladies seeking women that want sex instructions.

Customer service excellent - highly recommended. Hi Dominic, I love Laceey house cat so much! She's so special to me, but as the weather got warmer I forgot how much I missed having the windows open. Me and my little Bengal Lacey can enjoy the fresh air together and she is safe!!! Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the flat cats. They are spot on and now we dont have to sit lookking what felt like an oven of a front room.

I will recommend Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 to all of my friends that have cats as these are a brilliant way of stopping the cat from getting out.

Thank you for the Flat Cat which arrived last week. I had to wait until my son came over to help me install it as the window is so high but we've done it and I'm delighted with it. I can now have the window open all summer and Ella can't get out, which is a good thing as she's just discovered how to get on top of the wardrobe and from there to the tall bookcase next to the bedroom window - but she can't get any further thanks to your Flat Cat. Just wanted to say that the Flat Cats arrived safe and sound.

We spent around 20 minutes fixing both the standard window and the custom size screens. All of them are a great fit. My wife and me are extremely happy with the product. Many thanks for Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 an excellent product, great Ladey and a speedy service. Dear Dominic, We just wanted to let you know that the flat cats are doing a wonderful job and thank you for your help and excellent service.

Professor Jack loves sitting at his window and now we can all enjoy the fresh air, especially as the Ladey is warming up! And, as if that wasn't enough, our flat is also mozzy and midgy proof! Here's a picture of the Professor surveying his domain. Hey there I got my product this morning and have put it up everything is a perfect fit I am very pleased with it so far and will recommend this product to anyone in a flat or with a house cat as long as it stays up which I am lrr it will!

Just to let you know the Flat Cats have arrived safely and have been installed! Lwcey love it and Doris, the secondhand cat, loves it too. Further, I wanted to thank you for your informative, helpful and prompt service.

It is a refreshing change to find a company on the internet and actually Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 products which match the advert. The items were exactly as described and made to my exact specifications. I could not be more delighted with your product or service. Dear Dominic, Many thanks for the confirmation.

I just want to say thank you for the quick delivery of my flat cat, i put it up in less than 10 minutes and I now have one safe, cool Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 I have posted about them on a local cat group so hopefully you will be getting more orders from the Harrogate area over the next couple of days!

It is absolutely amazing and especially in this weatherit has come as a god send! I will most definitely be recommending you to any of my friends with cats and if you have a part on your website would love to sing its praises to any other potential customers. Again thank you and look forward to do business again. The order was received today and all 3 where fitted within 10 mins. A brilliant well manufactured product giving us piece of mind, which is priceless. In the next Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 weeks Adult singles dating in Lowndesboro, Alabama (AL). will out another order in for a few more as highlighted in a previous email to you.

Very happy, thank you. Hi Dominic, iv received my flat cat screen and it is now up and its fantastic, can now have my door open and have some fresh air in the living room and my 2 house cats are safe and sound.

Would highly recommend these screens to everyone. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the flat cats, which arrived on Saturday. They are wonderful and were gratefully received with the warmer weather - we can have the windows open without the cats jumping through the window and landing on our heads in the Lacey looking for ltr 37 37 of the night!!! Apologies for the delay, just to let you know the screen is perfect! Delivery was super quick and you were very helpful. I can now enjoy fresh air through the house without worrying about my little kitty escaping!